Our Equipment

At The Ultimate Disco Bournemouth we use some of the best equipment available in the sound and lighting industry… and in the very unlikely event that any of it should fail, we always have back up kit only a few moments away!

The majority of our equipment is less than 12 months old! Both sound and lighting has been added to and replaced with a higher standard of gear.

We use PC based software Serato DJ controlled by Denon’s dedicated controller giving us the ability to mix music seamlessly on the fly as well as adding those last minute requests into the set list. This class of PC based software gives us the ability and flexibility to master the music in true 21st century style to ensure you The Ultimate Disco!

The sound is reproduced by a YAMAHA ACTIVE PA SYSTEM. We have two Yamaha DSR112 cabinets which use long throw drivers to ensure the sound is moved right to the back of the room. These cabinets are rated at 650w RMS and produce extremely clear sound.

Vocals from our DJ and guests will be transmitted through the airwaves on our Shure SM58 microphone.

Lighting now consists of two an American DJ Royal 3D Laser ,two KAM 648 Ultra Bright LED Blocks, LED Booth cloth and two American DJ Revo 4’s smartly mounted on Trilite trussing above the DJ for optimised space saving. (All lighting is secured using additional safety bonds.)

…And of course all this equipment is PAT tested and regularlly checked by our electrician.

If you would like more detailed information, or think that your event might be in need of a big and intelligent lighting rig; The Ultimate Disco have the expertise to ensure you get exactly want you are after, whether you are based in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, or the surrounding areas of Dorset then get in touch!

For obvious reasons none of our equipment is kept at our office address.


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