The Ultimate Disco are committed to doing everything possible to truly be The Ultimate in the mobile Disco industry.

We’ve made the steps to ensure we are doing everything possible to ensure our work has as little impact on the environment as possible.

These are some of the things we do as part of The Ultimate Disco;

  • All booking confirmation is done online and via email, saving paper and ink. If you would prefer to have your booking form on paper you are entitled to print this yourself however please consider the environment.
  • Most our lighting system is LED which bearly uses 1% of the electricity to that of old and un-efficient lighting effects.
  • We use MP3’s as our main source of music playback with just a small amount of essential back-up music on CD. This not only helps to save on the need to produce Cd’s at manufacture but also saves on weight and then fuel.
  • As a disco we generally have almost no waste rubbish, but when we do we ensure all waste is segregated and recycled in the correct way

If you think there are other ways we could be helping to protect our environment then please get in touch, we really appreciate any advice.

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